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This is a collection of photos of many drummer playing Trixon drums.
Some of them have their own section! For example the Dutch and Belgian ones!
Many thanks for sending me so many and wonderful documents of historic music!

Ringo Starr - The Beatles (UK) 1962

The Beatles 1962 in the STAR CLUB in Hamburg. Ringo is playing on a Trixon Luxus set.
Copyright Danny Wall / K&K Music Photos
Many thanks to K&K Music Photos for the permission to present you this photo!!!

Charlie Watts - The Rolling Stones (1964) at the glad rag ball at Embley Arena 1964

Ian Paice  - Deep Purple
(1960s) playing a Trixon set in a TV show

Thanks for the photos sent to me by Andrew Sterling

Pete York - The Spencer Davis Group

             in the 60s Show Ready Steady Go

Wolfgang Neuss
Germans knows him as an actor and political satirical revue player - the drummer will be forget all the time, although his trademark was "the man with the kettledrum".
Picture from the booklet CD "Quartett 67"- A "All Star Band" members Degenhardt, Hüsch, Süverkrüp und Neuss.

Wolfgang Seidel

John "Jabo" Starks 
Clyde Stubblefield 
- James Brown Band
(late 1960s)
on VOX-Drums
Many thanks to Adrian Kirchler who sent me the photos!

<<< Left Tony Sheridan with Gretsch guitar on Star Club stage, just like Ringo & his mates above. Drummer must be Chris Curtis - later drummer of The Searchers.
(Many thanks to Arthur for information!)
starclub - dieter beckmann 
und klaus martens- 
rowohlt, reinbeck 1980 
isbn  3 498 00459 X
Sent to me by 
Wolfgang Seidel

Lionel Hampton and Karl-Heinz Weimer

The great and legendary
Lionel Hampton
died in 2002 at the age of  94 in New York.
To memorial I present you some pictures in his connection to Trixon.

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So you see this section with older photos of the 50's, 60's and 70's.



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Daniel Huys
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Eddie Cullen Combo
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  Merton Kaufman - The Saints Jazz Band go tospecial page!

Helmut Stier
drummer of the Joe Wick Big Band in the 1950s

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Giorgio Lello drummer of the Italian band I Tranquilli in the 60's
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In the video POP GEAR (1965) the drummers of 
The Spencer Davis Group, The Nashville Teens and Sound Incorporated 
played Trixon drumset !

(left) and the Starclub (right)- Hamburg/Germany
Quelle/reference: starclub - dieter beckmann und klaus martens
- rowohlt, reinbeck 1980 - isbn  3 498 00459 X
Sent to me by
Wolfgang Seidel

Very interesting story: On the right picture send to me by Wolfgang you see a poster with "Emile Ford & The Checkmates". Drummer of the Checkmates was (and still is) Ray Du Val, a friend of Peter Isbell (you know, the owner of the fantastic drums seen on the drumset site) and plays a red pearl Trixon Luxus kit. He remembers playing at the Starclub with Emile Ford, and says it was in 1960/61.

Dank an Wolfgang Seidel, der mir viele dieser Fotos eingescannt und geschickt hat!

Thanks to Wolfgang Seidel who scanned many of these images and sent them to me!
He says, that the books "the beatage" and "starclub" are very interesting photo books with also worth reading textes. A tip for the sixties beat and R&B fan.

Dank an Piet Muys, der mir viele weitere Fotos eingescannt und geschickt hat!

Thanks to Piet Muys who scanned many images and sent them to me!
You want to read more about Indo-Instro-Rockbands go to his homepage!
says: "As you now in the early 60s many Indo rock bands played in the German clubs and bars, before the English beat bands take over their place.
 One important band The Black Dynamites also used Trixon. First all Indo-rock bands used German Höfner guitars, before the Fender Jazzmasters became the status symbol for Indo-rock."

Do you know further drummers playing on Trixon ? Please mail me!!

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