Merton Kaufman (The Saints Jazz Band)  UK

Merton Kaufman

Drummer of The Saints Jazz Band

The band was always well rehearsed, with most of their many arrangements done by the talented and musical Alan Radcliffe, who was always considered to be the overall leader. The most featured member of the band over the years was pianist Ed Fish, a very fine exponent of bangle-style playing. Ed is now the only member of the very first Saints Jazz Band to be still active on the local jazz scene, mainly solo piano in and around his hometown of Ashton-under-Lyne. In 1960, when drummer John Mills died, his place was taken by another first-class player, Merton Kaufman, who had worked professionally with various groups, which included some years with Harry Gold and his Pieces of Eight. Mert really swung the band along until he and his wife decided to emigrate to Canada in 1962.  
(This Story is told by Dave Prince -THANKS)



Merton and his Band The Saints Jazzband played 1962 at the legendary CAVERN Club in Liverpool together with The Beatles!

Merton's son 
Gary Kaufman 
3 years old
playing a very rare 
Trixon Mini Drum outfit!

Many thanks to Gary who allows me to present his photos here at this website!

Gary Kaufman @ FACEBOOK

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