The great and legendary Lionel Hampton is dead. 
He died 94 years old in New York in the year 2002.
To memorial I present you some picture in connection to Trixon.
Lionel Hampton was very early in contact with Karl Heinz Weimer
and Trixon instruments as several catalog shots show.

Wailin' at the Trianon -  A single recorded 1954 at the Trianon Ballroom, Chicago

Hear the vibraphone intro playing by Lionel Hampton:
>>>Click here to download a 250 kb mp3-file<<<


In the end of the 50's Lionel was in Hamburg at the Trixon factory to buy some instruments for his orchestra.

Right you see Lionel with Karl Heinz Weimer >>>

Lionel and the big 20" floor tom - the Lionel Hampton attraction-tom!
It is said that he was it to give the inspiration to build the big Trixon floor tom.

Lionel was also a brilliant vibraphone player!

Buddy Rich and Lionel Hampton

Cheers and thanks Lionel!