Ian F.Howe - The Motifs / The Delrenas

Ian F. Howe
He started out as the drummer of The Delrenas. They played in all the places in and around Liverpool, the Cavern, Iron door club etc. They also played with all the groups of the sixties  Jerry and the Pacemakers, Kingsize Taylor, The Undertakers. When they played one night in a show with the Beatles Ian lent his Trixon set to Ringo. Later when the group splitted he played with The Motifs. Ian played also with Tom Jones and Van Morrison.

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Ian F. Howe

The Motifs

Beatbands from Liverpool in 1964.
On the left of the great picture you see a little bit of a Trixon bass drum of the band "the Motifs". On the other picture it´s better to see!
Quelle/reference: the beatage - die frühen Tage des Rock in Deutschland und Großbritanien,
ein Bilderbuch von Klaus Plaumann - verlag 2001, 1978
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