Richard King USA

Vox/Trixon Drum Set Red Croco

Trixon/Vox "Red Croco" conical 4-piece drum set (Telstar)
"Bass drum is 18" deep with the batter head measuring 20" wide and the front head measures 16" wide. Floor tom is 16" deep, with the top head measuring 16" wide and the bottom head at 14" wide. Rack tom is 8" deep, the top measures 14" wide and bottom measures 13" wide. Snare drum is standard 5 X 14" conventional shell."

in Gold Croco

"3-piece conical drum set. In the Vox catalog, these were called "FANJET" drum outfits. Bass drum is 18" deep with a 16" front head and a 20" batter head. The floor tom is 16" tall with a 16" top head and a 14" bottom head. And the rack tom is 8" tall with a 14" top head, and a 13" bottom head. "Gold Croco" finish is made of textured aluminum tin foil and is extremely fragile." Richard King