Jean-Pierre Marzek France

Trixon Speedfire (Germany)

Sonic (France)

Rimmel Showman (Germany)

Jean-Pierre is the owner of the three unusual drum sets with elliptical shaped bass drums!
And if it is not enough to own these drums he also has the conical shaped VOX Fanjet and Trixon Telstar!



Father Pierre Marzek on drums with his son Jean-Pierre on the sax in June 2009.

VOX Fanjet

built 1967 - in red croco

Many thanks to Jean Pierre for the photos!


late 1960s in blue croco

late 1950's

  in grey pearl
with two lights inside

<<< Jean Pierre Marzek

Please see Jean Pierres father 
also playing Trixon drums! Great photos!!!

The original Trixon Service box!

Many thanks to Jean Pierre for the photos!

Jean Pierre has also this beautiful Congas of the 50s!

And this one of the 1960s!


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