Richard King USA

"Rarest Trixon Drumset on the Planet!" 
says  Richard King

1950's 8 piece Speedfire 0/700 outfit. Original white marine pearl. This set was stored in an attic in New York City for the last 20 years. Shells are in magnificent original condition. They are made of beechwood, and are stained and varnished on the inside. White pearl is beautiful, it has yellowed to a gorgeous butterscotch color. Some of the drums are slightly more yellowed than the others, but they all match each other very well.

in pink sparkle
Trixon rare pink sparkle speedfire drumset, 60's vintage. 6 pieces, no hardware, sizes are: 18.5" tall x 26" wide x 16" deep ellipitical bassdrum, 18" tall x 20" wide floor tom, 8" deep x 13" wide tom 10" & 8" metric melodic toms and 5x14" snare drum. This drumset was originally purple in color but it has faded to a rose pink color. The change in color is very consistent and it is only darker under the lugs and rims. Richard King