Please come with us to the Vintage Drum Shows we visited in the past!

After 2008 and 2012 in 2014 we were the third time in England to enjoy the UK NDF in Birmingham. 
It was a great show with great drums and kindest drum guys.

The Trixon stall at the show!                                                          And some impressions of the exhibition!

Martin, Dave Prince and Ingo                                                      After the show in Birmingham we spent two days in Liverpool

And we visited Dave Prince in London. Great pleasure to see his Drum Collection - most Trixon drums. 
To see more pics klick on the pic above!


We enjoyed the Amsterdam Drum Show since the beginning - so also this year! The location at the old factory building was very special! Again this year Rob van der Werf, Tom Vermulst and Winnie Mensink organised a great exhibition! Thanks for being part of it!

The Exhibition

Martin brought his Wooding Cristaline and I my Trixon Speedfire Set with us for the exhibition.

The market

The Trixon booth with the presentation of the second Trixon book!

Martin - Martin Schneider (Vintage German Drum Meeting) - Ingo

Winnie with his daughter during the raffle.

Ingo and Rob van der Werf - his website >>>


Martin and I were the first time in Birmingham 
to join the UK National Drum Fair.
And it was a fantastic event!

Yes, here is our table - 
so let's look what we have brought with us in our suitcases ...

Starting to built up the stalls on Friday evening.

Ready for the show !!! Ingo and Martin
And we met many kind people and talk vintage drums with them ...

Peter Isbell

Mal Thory

Geoff Nichols - Author of the fantastic Drum Book

Dave Brown and Winnie Mensink

Upps, in the evening ...


Many thanks to the team of the show for this wonderful event!!!

After the show is before the show

A lot of beer and ale - but beware of John Smith ;-)

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Oct. 20 & 21, 2007

Martin looking for the sun ....

Garry, Ingo, Scotty, John, Martin

Trixon Telstar (Winnie Mensink) in the exhibition ...

.... and the great Speedfire set of Misha

Bill Ludwig III., Martin and Adrian

Adrian Kirchler ( - finest engraved drums >>>

Rob Cook and Bill Ludwig III. - NOT SO MODERN DRUMMER >>>Website

Gert Breugelmans ( and Adrian >>>

Bram and Erik

Brian Scotty Wilson on Lignum drums
You want to see him playing ? >>>> you tube
And here:

A Hollywood Set

Winnie Mensink - Organisator of this great show! Thanks !!!

After show party ... no more photos for the public ...

28. - 30.09. 2007

Ingo and Martin at the Trixon booth -->>

Arrival of Adrian Kirchler (

Adrian Kirchler ( and Herr Vogelmann

Ingo, Bill Ludwig III., Martin and Herr Vogelmann

Bill Ludwig III and Edvin - laughing about nice photos, 
not of the nice snare drum made by AK-drums ->>> 

Performance of Carl Palmer

Carl Palmer (left) was very impressed 
by our Trixon book - with Ingo and Martin

First Carl Palmer tuned my Trixon Snare drum which I want to sell here.

Then he signed it. Last the snare drum ins't for sale anymore!

Then there was a very unusual conception over the 
history of drums.
Performed by Bill Ludwig III and Herr Vogelmann.
Ingo, Carmen Appice, Martin






Many thanks to Herrn Vogelmann 
and his great team for this 
outstanding show weekend.

We are looking forward to the next year!!!! 

Organisator Winnie Mensink


The wonderfull exhibition! You see my Trixon Tumba of the late 50s. And 

Andy Youell ( is looking for ...

 ... news??? ...

Our Trixon Servie stand - Martin and Ingo

Martin and special guests Bill F. Ludwig  III. (left) and Alan White (Yes) >>>

Martin and Ingo talking with 
Bill F. Ludwig  III and Alan White (Yes) 
about the preview of the Trixon-Book

Herbert and Adrian Kirchler (
Adrian is looking better than last year!

Yes, we had a lot of fun and we are proud of our drums!
Ingo and Martin

Adrian Kirchler with one of his home-made snare drums 
and Ingo with his even bought Telstar 

Mike practise for the single stroke compitition. Time was good, wasn't it?!

Brian Scotty Wilson in action

Brian Scotty Wilson and Ingo Winterberg

Martin Schneider (Vintage Drum Meeting), Martin Grimsel and Ingo

Many thanks to Winnie Mensink and Tanco Baart for the organisation of this fantastic show!


Here you see beautiful engraved snare drums ...
and here is Adrian the man who made them ...

ok, it is Sunday morning and we had a hard night before ...


Our Trixon Service stand

Martin Grimsel and Ingo Winterberg

Martin Schneider (Germany) with some of his Dresdener drums >>>. 
He is also the organisator of the German Vintage Drum Meeting!

Herbert Steinmetz (Germany) and Adrain Kirchler (AK-drums, Italy)

At the end of the show this 1963 Speedfire set was bought by Wigo.

Adrain Kirchler - AK-drums - engraved snare drums - Italy

The Meazzi Hollywood drum set of Martin Grimsel in the exhibition!



Some Photos from the nice show:

The Exhibition with so many nice and unusual drums. 
Many of the visitors were very interested in my Trixon Speedfire set.


Adrian Kirchler with his 
beautiful engraved snare drums!

Our Trixon stand with many informations and some spare parts.

6. Vintage Drum Meeting 2004 in Neu-Isenburg (Germany)

Winnie, John and Herbert


25. - 26. October 2003
in Zaal De Griffioen Amstelveen / Netherlands

It was a great show in Amsterdam organized by Winnie and Tanco. Many thanks to them and all other of the crew!!!

our little Trixon stand with some stuff and parts.

Martin, who came with me to the show, tuning a Trixon floor tom.

There must be some hope to sale the vibe.

In the afternoon Wigo had a little break.

5. Vintage Drum Meeting 2003 in Neu-Isenburg (Germany)
It was a great show with a presentation of finest Sonor drums presented by Martin Jagusch.

Sonor presentation

Peter Isbell - Ingo Winterberg - Martin Grimsel
Peter came from England to visit this show. It was a pleasure to talk with him about Trixon!

3 men in a black car ... and a lot of drums ... 250 miles to drive!
See Marcos legs - you don't see the snare in a case under his feet. 

Don't buy more than you can put in the car! No problem - but you can guess how many Trixon stuff is in the back of the car ...

<<< Jim Chapin gave us a few lessons 
       of snare drumming.
       I hope Udo (sitting left) had all understand?!

Pictures and impressions from this meeting

Friday night: Unpack all the stuff out of the car and building up the exhibition
 and drinking some beer! Cheers Martin!

left to right: Martin Grimsel (who support me to do 
this show), myself and Martin Schneider 
(the organizer of the Vintage Drum Meeting) 

Udo Masshoff playing my Speedfire set.

Many thanks to Wigo van der Schoot for placing disposal his Telstar at our Trixon exhibition.

Many thanks for support to: Martin Grimsel, Martin Schneider, Wigo van der Schoot, Gerd Stegner and Jens Weimer!!!

And I'm thinking to myself: Trixon or not Trixon?
Yes! It's Trixon, very early one! 
Thanks to Winnie for the photo and the deal.

And here are some more photos:

Bob Snare in wmp from Martin Schneider

Big floor tom in red sparkle
 from Martin Schneider

Old Snare in aqua sparkle from Martin Schneider

Gerd Stegner presenting his brand new Speedfire head made by REMO

From Gunnar Olsen

From Michael