Two German guys going to Chicago to enjoy the Chicago Drum Show and the spirit of the USA ...

Here are coming a lot of impressions of our Chicago trip

Bremen - Paris - Greenland - Labrador - ok, this is not what you want to see? But it is great!

So, after 13 hours in the airplane, we reached at Chicago!

wow ...

By the way 
the City 
Gene Krupa
 was born 
in 1909!

Many, many thanks to Rob Cook and his team for this great show!

Official website:

Ingo and Martin

Martin, Rob Cook (organisator of the show), Ingo

I'm very happy to meet Kent McLellan from Canada! 
He is one of my first international Trixon friends.

Mike Curotto -

The Trixon booth

Rich King

Martin and Dave Brown

<<<<A Trixon Snare in silver croco

below: Phantastique Sonor drum set 

Peter Erskine Trio

Steve Maxwell invited all exhibitors to visit his shop in Chicago Downtown and to enjoy the music from the Peter Erskine Trio.

We Germans want in each case one ...
Ingo, Martin and a pitcher Fat Tire - the work is done ... It was great!!!

If you want - please follow us to Chicago downtown - we have some fantastique days in Chicago!

<<< In front of our hotel Congress Plaza!

We visited Jim Betsios in his music store OFFBEAT in Lake Zurich
- and changed a few things :-)   -

Martin has found new shoes for his girlfriend!

Of yourse we enjoyed the Hard Rock Cafe ...

... and the Blue Chicago with some beer and nice music ...

... and Andy's Live Jazz Club with some more beer and also nice music ...

... and an Espresso in Harry Carays Bar ...

We spend some evenings in the South Loop Club having some Fat Tire pitcher

We also enjoyed a boot tour on the Chicago River ...

At night you better take a taxi and enjoy the skyline ...

 ... and the Lake Michigan !

We also spend an evening in Buddy Guy's Legends - enjoying Carlos Johnson with his fantastique band! ... and some more beer ...

Our time is over in Chicago /Illinois in the USA

Have a last cigarette in Chicago ...

... our airplan is ready to take off!

15 hours later we were back in Germany!


Hey guys - and we tell you:

It was fucking cool Chicago!!!

And many thanks to all who support our time in the USA.

Special thanks to Bill Ludwig III. and his family for the nice time with them!!!