Reginald Tiessen (Detroit Michigan/USA)

and my friend at

made after 1964 - Aqua Sparkle

There are 8 drums in this setup: 5 single headed concert toms, 20x20 floor tom, a Speedfire Bass Drum and a 5x14 deluxe wood snare drum.

Many thanks for the nice photos!

Reginald Tiessen

Promotion photo 2004

Promotion photo 2004


  WOW - VOX-drums made by Trixon alive!  go to
First pictures from Australia from Reggie Ray (right) at the photo session for his new CD. 
The band is KONQISTADOR 
- Lizzy Ray (vocals) AUS + Reggie Ray (drums) CAN + Dave Andrew Chow (vocals) USA -
The band toured nationally in Australia (with the Trixon Speedfire kit) and shot the video in Melbourne. 
The 3 piece instrumental lineup is guitar, drums and Basskey foot pedals.
Reggie tells us: >The Trixon Speedfire well and truly is the character of this band. City after city, country to country and continent to continent - everybody, always where ever we go - wants to meet me after the show (not to talk to me) but to talk to me about the drum set. I'm like a jealous boyfriend sometimes. But I'm damn proud to own it!< Many thanks Reggie!!!