Kent McLellan Canada

It was wonderful to meet Kent (right) at the Chicago Drum Show in 2007! 

"My Telstar kit it's original state with the original matching rack toms..(I have never seen any other kit like this on your site or anywhere). 
Anyone has a kit like this??? 
There are Luxus kits with 2 rack toms..but never have I seen a Telstar version.  I added Pearl tom mounts to get the height. All stands are Rogers Swiv-o-matic. Cymbals are A. Zildjian and Paiste

Kent.McLellan. Thanks!
You want to see his band in the 60s?

Kent McLellan tell us (November 2000): "I bought a second matching floor tom from eBay last month. I bought the drum from Rich King and now have the only 6 piece Telstar set ON THE PLANET. It was already a rare configuration with double rack toms and now it is the kit that Buddy Rich should have played as an endorsee if Mr. Trixon had done the right thing."

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