Peter Isbell England

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Peter in his Trixon shirt in front of the famed CAVERN-Club

The following photos are from Peter Isbell,
a Trixon-collector in Richmond/Great Britain.
 He is playing drums in a band called the Fab Beatles and they
are considered England's #1 Beatles Tribute band. You should check out their website

Peter playing with his band in the CAVERN-Club in Liverpool!

1967 Trixon Luxus 0/200 in Red Pearl

1959 Trixon Speedfire 0/700 - III in Red Sparkle
But he sold the set to Greg Knight!!!

1963 Trixon Telstar 2000 in Blue Croco

Hardwear components:
1963 Cymbal Stands 11/073
1966 Hi Hat 11/270/S HI hat Super
1963 Snare Stand 11/071
1966 Bass Drum Pedal 11/370 TF3

Catalog shot

1968 Trixon Luxus Snare in Yellow Sparkle
This nice snare is now mine! (Ingo Winterberg)

1964 Trixon Telstar Snare in Red Vertical Pearl

"These are pictures of part of a set that I am renovating at the moment. It is 1960, and is 13,16,20 in Black with a Gold Fleck. I have never seen this colour before. I know there plenty of black kits, but not with a gold fleck." Peter Isbell