(Die folgenden Scans sind zur Verfügung gestellt von Robert Pfaff)
(The following scans are placed at disposal by Robert Pfaff)

Bitte etwas Geduld beim Laden der Bilder, aber es lohnt sich!
Please have patience, but the loading of the pictures takes a little time, it´s worth it!

On the frontpage you see the sign  "Messeneuheiten 1964" (fairnews 1964), 
so I think this catalog is from 1964!

picture 2c01

picture 2c02

picture 2c03

picture 2c04

picture 2c05

picture 2c06

picture 2c07

picture 2c08

picture 2c09

picture 2c10

picture 2c11

picture 2c12

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