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Since the beginning Trixon also built Vibraphones. Until the mid 50s they have 3 different models: Tone-Master, Tone-Revue and the little Tone-Piccolette. Later only the Tone-Master was built.
3 octaves f - F",  A=880Hz
The older ones have all sound sheets in the same width (4 cm / 1 1/2inch), so the vibes are not so big over all. Later, I guess in the late 50's, the first octave has bigger sheets (5 cm / 2inch).

Lionel Hampton in the early 50s.

Top-Model in the early 50s: Trixon Tone-Master

Trixon Tone-Revue of the early 50s

Trixon Tone-Piccolette of the early 50s

 in the 50s.

These both were made in the second half of the 50s.

The models since the mid 60s have the extraordinary croco finish on the sides. Here a photo in the factory.

A. Pulver (Catalog shot of the early 60s).

Tuning in the factory in the early 50s.

Kurt Engel in the factory in the 50s.