Dave Takvorian USA

  in red pearl - early 1960's

My name is Dave Takvorian and I live in Turlock California. I am a new Trixon collector but not a new drummer. 
I have been at it for many years. First of all, thank you for writing the book, it has been so helpful in educating me about so many aspects of Trixon percussion history. After some hunting the past year or so I have become a Trixon owner with the help of Dave Prince, UK and Hans in Germany. My 0/700 Speedfire 65' set was just rewrapped at Precision Drum Co. in NY and I bought my Telstar set 63' from Dave Prince. I will attach pictures of each and feel free to add them to your Trixon drum set page. Again thanks so much for writing the book, it's just wonderful.

Dave Takvorian, Turlock, Ca (USA)



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