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Here are some pictures of my 2 drum sets. One is a TRIXON Telstar that was stripped and refurnished by the original owner (I'm 2nd owner). He did a great job. They were silver sparkle in the beginning I believe. The other set is my VOX set. Anyway it's 100% original except for tom and snare heads. Original front bass head with air vent hole. No badges or stickers. They sound great and the snare is awesome ! I've owned 3 other Trixon sets in the past but this is all I have now.  I live in Fresno, California and we did have a TRIXON dealer at M-V Music in the 1960s so I saw these wonderful instruments up close as a teenager. I played a SONOR set back then. Still have that one. Love me some beech drums. What a sound!

But first here is a real incredible 
Double Hihat of the 1950s!


Catalog shot 1953

  about 1967 in blue croco

1965/66 stripped and refurnished 


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