Bruce Saunders    Canada


1967/68 in silver croco

Bruce Saunders:
Hello from Ottawa ,Canada. Attached is a picture taken Dec. 15-2013 at a bar in Ottawa called The Atomic Rooster. I got these drums 2 years ago from a friend of mine, named Robert Coulthart. His dad owned a music store in Ottawa in the 60s and 70s (called Coulthart music), and for a while, they sold Vox equipment. He bought these drums in 1968-69, and he played in a band called The M.R.Q. ( Modern Rock Quartet). He has not played for about 30 years, so I acquired the drums from him. It was originally a double kick set.

contact: bs.crowe(at)

This photo is The MRQ (Drummer Robert Coulthart) circa 1970 at Le Hibou coffee house on Sussex street in Ottawa. 

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