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Dave 'Diamond' Prince   UK

Dave 'Diamond' Prince
Here is growing up a fantastique collection, drums collected by Dave Prince. 
We present his Trixon drums! Please enjoy! He is the operator of the facebook site
and the Blog

  in gold sparkle - late 1960s    A Trixon microphone stand with hand lever

The new band with Dave Prince and his Trixon drums is
Timebomb Allstars at FACEBOOK

!!!NEW DRUMS in his awesome collection!!!

On the 20" floortom is fit a plastic head with a hole in the center to fit a tube. So you´re able to change the mood when you blow into it.

The Hi~Fi's- are a rock n roll/rockabilly trio playing the sounds of the 1950's
Drummer Dave Prince with his Trixon drums

The Hi-Fi's at FACEBOOK

These two Snare Drums are from the late 40s, so the very early time of Trixon. 
This model is a very rare drum, there are only a few known in the world.
Dave has two of them! Two very interesting and beauty items! Lucky Man!

Dave bought this Speedfire set from the familiy of the original first owner Daniel Huys!
Please read the awesome story here go to

In the last issues of the UK Magazine RHYTHM were some of Dave Princes Trixon drums presented!

Article by Geoff Nicholls  (Author of THE DRUM BOOK) in Rhythm Magazine June 2018

Article by Geoff Nicholls (Author of THE DRUM BOOK) in Rhythm Magazine July 2018

Photo I took at Simon John's Vintage Drum Show in 2017 of the wonderful collection of Dave Prince!

We met Dave Prince at Simon John's Vintage Drum Show in 2017 
Dave Prince - Martin Grimsel - Ingo Winterberg

Article by Geoff Nicholls (Author of THE DRUM BOOK) in Rhythm Magazine August 2018

Dave Diamond Prince with his new band The VOO-DOOMS

Notice the Speedfire bass drum on the top!

- in aquamarine sparkle - early 1960s

     in yellow sparkle - 1961

A bag with new VOX drum keys - never opened!

Here is a link to Eddie Ryan Custom drums who worked on this set to bring it back in this beauty!
  in red pearl


-III in blue sparkle (recovered) - 1963/64 with a matching Bop Snare

-I in red pearl - early 1960s

in red croco - 1963

in silver croco - 1967 - WOW!!!

in white marine pearl - early 1960s

  in white stripes - 1963/64

  in red pearl - 1963/64               in grey stripes - late 1960s




And Dave is keeping his Trixon drum sets 
live on stage - GREAT - Thanks!

-I in white marine pearl - early 1960s

  in greensparkle late 1950s
A very beautiful but rare finish!

  in yellow sparkle 1963/64
Also a very beautiful but rare finish!


The Croco-Family ..

and the Speedfire-Family!

In September 2014 we met Dave again at the 
UK NDF in Birmingham. Two days later we
visited him at his home and had a view to his fantastique Trixon drum collection. 
Please enjoy the photos!



«« Martin, Dave, Ingo

Wow ... These guys rocked the Isle of Man TT in 2014 - Dave Prince with his vintage Trixon drum set in gold croco!!!

Trixon drum sets live on stage!!! 
Thanks Dave!!!

Dave 'Diamond' Prince         -      DAVE PRINCE

WOW - Great articles Geoff Nicholls published in Rhythm Magazine 2013 about the Trixon drums of Dave Prince! 

Scoll to below

Dave Prince presents his Trixon drum sets in the exhibition area at the UK DRUM FAIR 2012 in Birmingham and Martin and I met him there and had a great time!

As you know Geoff Nicholls and his photographer James Cumpsty are making great photos at every UK NDF. Also in 2012 - and here are the articles Geoff wrote and published in the Rhythm Magazine about the Trixon drums owned by Dave Prince!
Many thanks for the permission to show them here!

Reference to Rhythm Magazine ( Cumpsty ( Nicholls

Reference to Rhythm Magazine 2013-February ( Cumpsty ( Nicholls
Klick on the image to open a pdf-file!

Reference to Rhythm Magazine 2013-March ( Cumpsty ( Nicholls

Klick on the image to open a pdf-file!

Reference to Rhythm Magazine 2013-April ( Cumpsty ( Nicholls


Latest new items in his Trixon collection!

Trixon Luxus -  early 1960s in gold croco

Trixon snare -  1949-1951 - 34 cm x 23 cm, ca. 13 ½“ x 9“ - Black diamond pearl
This Trixon snare is very rare and one of the oldest we have ever seen.

1961/62 Rare Trixon Conical

  in black diamond pearl of 1959

  in red pearl late 1950s

in pink sparkle of late 1960s

my latest addition...early 1960's Trixon Bongos in white marine pearl with original Trixon stand!

A Trixon Bop Snare and a Trixon Conga!

  in white marine pearl
very early 1950's
with lights in the drums! Great! 
This is Daves latest stuff! Christmas present from his wife!

The Story
»After first seeing in the Trixon Collection book of Ingo Winterburg, a 1949/50 Trixon Solist 0/300 in WMP that had lighting installed in all drums back in 2010 has always been a burning ambition to own one myself... 
Fast forward to September 2012 and the U.K. National Drum Fair where I met Ingo's good friend Martin Grimsel who over a nice cold beer mentioned that he was thinking about selling a Trixon Drum kit that had light bulbs inside!!!
I couldn't believe my ears, now at last I had a chance to own the kit I had only seen before in a book!! We exchanged emails and I kept reminding Martin all weekend not to forget to email me pictures of the drum kit when he returned to Germany. True to his word, he contacted me on his return and the deal was done... I now had a bass drum, floor tom, and rack tom and would now just need to somehow find the missing snare drum to match the kit!!! 7 days later whilst looking on Ebay I come across not 1 but 2 snare drums from early 1950... One was unfortunately for sale in Australia but to my amazement the other was for sale in Germany!! 

The story takes an unexpected turn when..(after a few messages) I find out that the seller is in fact Martin, and that over those few beers back in the U.K. at the Drum Fair, I had already mentioned that I had a 50's Trixon snare, but had forgot to mention that mine didn't have the light fittings as it is a late 50's model..

3 weeks later my new drum kit arrives in the U.K. and is now pride of place in my ever growing Trixon Collection...«


in white stripes -1963/64

Bass-Drum 1/110 - 20" x 16"
Snare-Drum 1/440 - 14" x 5"
with parallel action throw off
Tom-Tom 2/200 - 13" x 8 ¼"
Floor-Tom 2/500 - 16" x 16"


  The Story
»This is the first Trixon drum kit that I purchased back in 2008.
A friend said that he was selling a kit that his dad had owned since the early 60’s and asked if I was interested. He had it set up when I arrived and straight away I had made my mind up that this would be new kit.
I then began researching the Trixon drums and this brought me into contact with Ingo Winterberg whose awesome knowledge has helped me to continue developing my obsession with all things Trixon«

1962/63 in blue stripes
This early Telstar set in this finish is a real rare item!!!

The Story  »Saw this for sale in the U.K. and just had to contact the seller immediately. During conversation with the seller I said that I had a Beverley Blue Oyster Kit and it transpired that he had been after one for ages... 4 hours later I am driving off with this very rare kit in my car having agreed to a swop for my Beverley! «

-I in red sparkle - 1967
The Story 
»I had always wanted to own one of these amazing drum kits, so in my despair posted onto the Vintage Drum Forum on the Wanted Ads. One year later I receive a private message that there is one for sale in San Francisco-California! One of the Forum members contacted another and he kindly viewed it for me-just a bit too far to fly for a viewing! 3 weeks later the drum was in the U.K. and my dreams had come true! «

in red stripes -1961/62
The Story  » Sat at home on a lazy Saturday morning, when I receive a call from a local music shop saying like Trixon Drums don’t you...we’ve just had one come in as a part exchange for a guitar-would you like to come down and have a look?

On arriving at the store I see this extremely rare early Red Stripes kit and with the Teardrop Lugs.... Holding my breath and composing myself I ask how much do you want for it?.....

Couldn’t believe my ears when he said £100 !!! Still not fully restored to its 100% glory but due to its rarity showing it today as for me it was definitely the sale of the century!

After searching high and low, I have very recently acquired the matching snare drum, which I have just purchased from Ingo Winterberg in Germany.«

Ingo Winterberg has restored this snare drum in great condition for Dave!

in aquamarine sparkle -1961/62

The Story  » After owning five Trixon drum kits and collecting cymbals, foot pedals, stool, drum keys, irons, Trixon drum books/catalogues and nine snare drums I thought my overgrowing collection was complete...
Then I saw this stunning example, I was totally blown away by the aqua sparkle wrap and knew it was an earlier model, fortunately for me my birthday is in September and my wife agreed to buy it for me!«

Holidays is the time to relax, take a drink and read a good book ...

I also own the original Jimmy Kavanagh Trixon drum skin from 1959 and a set of 3 original Trixon drum cases that I was very lucky to find with the Red Stripe kit!

>> I am lucky to have a rare Deri Model Dixi 1957, enjoy the photos. << Dave


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