Eddie Munro Scotland (UK)

1964/65    in red pearl

Many thanks for the nice photos!
Eddie Munro



His comment: >>

I have replaced the tension rods and inserts in the toms with modern square fitting rods as the rods I had were very pitted and rusted!
 The bass drum tension rods and fittings I left original as they were ok! The claws for the bass drum I replaced with vintage look ones because as you know the original Trixon ones were very prone to rust and mine were very rusty and pitted!
The bass hoops have been replaced with maple hoops for the moment until 

  I finish repairing the original Trixon hoops but the tom hoops were such bad condition I have replaced with new Premier triple flange hoops which look ok. I think most of the rest is original !
  I know my kit is not original/for show etc but it is for playing so I hope you like it anyway.
  Best regards <<

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