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Bill: "As I was setting up, the soundman looked at them and said "Trixon ... they're not very loud." 
 He didn't seem too happy about that.  I told him that they were loud enough, and at the first break, 
he said I was right.  He really liked the kick, and he said that the toms were fine."

1964  in aquamarine sparkle 

>> This is a Trixon Telstar kit from 1964. Sizes are (diam1 x diam2 x depth) 20x16x16, 14x13x8, 16x14x16, 14x13x5.5. It is nearly identical to the very first drum set that I ever sat behind and took my first lessons on back in 1967 (that kit was a VOX, who also distributed Trixon to the US). I found the kit on Ebay, very dirty and missing the tom rims and tension rods. The existing metal rims were pretty rusty. The floor tom shell was cracked at one of the leg brackets, and the snare throwoff was missing. The wrap luckily was faded on the side opposite the badges, and compared to many other Trixon kits with this wrap, is in pretty decent condition.

I replaced the rims, tension rods, and swivel nuts (lug inserts, as they were metric and fine threaded), and repainted the kick hoop. Shined them up, stuck a new decal on the kick, and there you have it.

The kit sounds nice and punchy. The birch shells (no rerings) are clear coated inside and the bearing edges are full roundover. 

I put single-ply coated heads on the toms, Aquarian Focus1 kick batter, and Aquarian coated single-ply with inside dot on the snare. They do not "ring for days" ... nice!
It's a nice kit to gig with, as the tom mount, ride cymbal arm, spurs, and floor tom legs all collapse into the shell.
>> I finally got the Telstar snare together and working.  I put an Aquarian coated single-ply with Power dot on it and it sounds great.  On the snare side head, I had to sand the inside metal edge of the counterhoop in order to get it tight enough on the drum.
The complete kit looks very nice!<<

Bill, you're right, great drums! Ingo


1967    in red sparkle

>> I also recently picked up a 1967 Luxus kit that is in excellent shape:
The chrome is like new, and the wrap is electric!  There is also a high hat and cymbal stand with it - they still have the Trixon stickers.  This set got very little use.

Both of these kits sound great, and they're great to gig with since the tom mounts and cymbal arms collapse into the bass drum.  Less work! <<


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