Peter Seidel Germany

late 1960s in the very rare colour purple sparkle
But Peter sold this nice drums in 2013 to me - Ingo!


Update Oktober 2013:

Peter sold his Telstar set!

1965 in blue croco

in fantastique condition

This drum set is the proof that one needs to look only long enough to find his dream set too.


Update Oktober 2018: Peter sold this set also some years ago!

His first 1964 in black (Sonor Hardware)

His second 1967 in blue stripes
20 " Bass Drum - 20 " Floor Tom - 14 " Tom -
Peter has sold this kit!

His third 1964 in blue stripes

20 " Bass Drum -  16 " Floor Tom - 13 " Tom
Sehr gut erhalten,
toller Sound und Optik, mit Original Prospekt.
Peter also has sold this wonderful set!


Hihat TZ1 from the early 50s with 14" Trixon Zildjian cymbals

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