The year of manufacturing
There are some signs of which you can fix the years of manufacturing of the drums. 
But it's very hard to
fix the exact year. I hope it will help you with the following tips!

The old badge was used until 1956.

Also on the tom holder sockets!

The new badge was used from 1956.

Old badge - teardrop lugs 
--> made until 1956

New badge - teardrop lugs 
--> made between 1956 and 1964
The teardrop lugs were last used in 1963/64. You saw it in the catalog of 1964. On the pictures there you see both types of lugs.

The modern triple flange hoop was used on all Vox kits and all American exported Trixon kits from 1964/65. Peter Isbell says that he never saw a Trixon kit in the UK with the modern hoop. Much later 1967 they started to use up all of the modern hoops on all new drums.

square lugs - older rounded hoop
--> made between 1964 and 1967

square lugs - modern triple flange hoop
--> made from 1966

It seems that they used on the bongos only the teardrop lugs! Also later in the late 60's - as shown in the Action Line catalog!

It also seems that on the concert tom of the speedfire sets they only used the older rounded hoops also later! On my very late 60's set the snare and the floor tom have the modern hoops but not the concert toms.

Sometimes inside the drum shell there is a stamp with the date of manufacturing! Fortunately! Others have a stamp with a long number in it. The last 2 numbers tells you the year! 

The (Speedfire-) shape of the left t-rod is the normal one. But the very late Trixon sets have bass drum t-rods in a rectangular shape (right).

The VOX drums made by Trixon ever have this t-rods on the bass drums.

If you know some other facts, please don't hesitate to correct me!

Details about the drum hoop/rim

Left you see an original Trixon hoop. I only saw this ones on Trixon drums. I believe the very old drums have die-cast rims?!

Comparison: The hoop you see below is not a Trixon one!!!


Above: The modern triple flange hoop.
Left: The older turned over-and-in rounded hoop.

Many different models were built by
You see here the catalog photos but if you choosed at that time your drumset it was possible to order it in different sizes. 
For example: Bass drum in 24" x 14" or 22" x 15" or 20" x 16" - 
Also the snare drums: You choosed among several models.

No. 0/200

The most sold drum set 
is the Luxus set 
with the classical arrangement.

No. 0/300

No. 0/400

No. 02000

"The conical shaped drums that the give an exciting new sound!"

No. 0/700-I

The elliptical  bass drum with the two different tones!

The 0/700-I has one mounted tom.

No. 0/700-II 

With 2 mounted toms.

No. 0/700-III

3 concert toms on the special rack.

No. 0/700

The great Speedfire arrangement with the 20" Lionel Hampton attraction floor tom.

No. 01000

A real Show Star with the elliptical Speedfire bass drum and the conical Telstar bass drum!

No. 0600

Arrangement with two 16" floor toms and a big 24" bass drum.

No. 0/100

Arrangement with 20" and 22" bass drum and 13", 10", 8", 6" tom toms.

No. 0500

Arrangement with 2 floor toms: the normal 16" and the 20" Lionel Hampton attraction floor tom.

No. 0/500

No. 10/000

No. 0/600

It is interesting that only in an american catalog an arrangement with 2 mounted toms and 1 floor tom - the classical drums set from the 70's and 80's - is shown!

The TRIXON Luxus set was named by
VOX as Thunderbolt

Trixon badge

  VOX badge
It was in 1965 or 1966 when Trixon drums were sold 
under the name VOX for the American market.

The conical shaped TRIXON Telstar set was
named by VOX as Fanjet.

Joe Benaron (VOX) and K.-H. Weimer (Trixon)

The elliptical shaped TRIXON Speedfire set was
named by VOX as Telstar!


The VOX drums made by Trixon ever have this t-rods on the bass drums.

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