Peter Molin Sweden

This snare is up for sale!!!
A very rare Bop Snare with metal shell - model 1/800 Bop Snare - owner is Peter Molin 

Tommy Piorek USA

This is a very nice late 60's Snare 1/440
14" x 5" - recovered in white marine pearl.
It SOUNDS very good... Needless to say, it is a re-wrap, but I was choice-less in making that decision. The original wrap was YELLOWED and CRACKED beyond saving. Otherwise, the drum is ALL ORIGINAL. I had to do a better than fair amount of work on the Parallel Strainer to get it to operate nicely... but it works nice and smooth now.<
 Owner Tommy Piorek
many thanks for the photos.

I bought this drum from a guy who's parents bought him the drum back in 1967. He played it for a bit, and then stuck it in a closet... 'till now. I couldn't believe it as I have been LOOKING for this model as it is the companion to my other 1/440 in WMP as Buddy played both, but mostly the wood model. I DO have color pics of Buddy playing the 1/440 S though, and with his Rogers drum set! Anyway...
 ... the drum was ALL THERE, mostly needed a good cleaning/resto, with the exception of the "Simple Snare Mechanism" throw as that was NOT functioning correctly. I fixed that and now, WOW... the drums plays/sounds GREAT!! I am amazed at how "warm" this metal shell is in sound, yet still completely sensitive and articulate. I am seriously considering gigging this one with my 1965 Rogers Buddy Rich Celebrity set, just like Buddy did!
 The drum is OEM complete, including the oft missing Trixon wires and attachment system. This has to be the NICEST one I have ever seen that is completely original. I thought it might look nice on the page with my other Trixon 1/440 in WMP... but that will be up to you! I will attach some pics for you to view. ENJOY!
Tommy, what a great drum! Thanks for the photos and keeping it alive!!! Ingo