by Didi Joppich (Germany)

This set above is recovered 
in bermuda sand. Right Didi is playing this set live at the RIFF/ Hamburg on the 14th of February 2004.

- in yellow sparkle

with a matching set 
of 3 Timbales!

- in green sparkle


above left: snare wmp 14" x 5"
above right: snare wmp 14" x 6"

Some more staff of Didi!

Left: 24", 13", 14" x 6" snare in wmp


Didis Luxus set in yellow sparkle: 22" bass drum, 14" mounted tom, 20" floor tom

The Crazy Crackers live in Nienburg on 28th September 2002

TRIXON alive on stage!!!

The Crazy Crackers 
live in Nienburg / Germany
on 28th September 2002

Drummer Didi Joppich
playing finest Rock'n Roll!

Before the concert I had the pleasure to talk with Didi (right).

And his newest set up with a 20" floor tom!

Didi Joppich