Martin Grimsel (Germany/Osnabrück)

and my friend at

Newest set up of his

Notice that all hardware is original Trixon ! ! !

Anyone there who needs more drums?

and a few more ...

in red sparkle - late 50s

In time to time Martin 
found the parts 
to built up the big Speedfire set up!

In the year 2002 Martin found 4 concert toms for his speedfire bass drum. 








in red sparkle
early 60s
with a big 14" tom
and 16" and 20" floor tom!

 live on stage with his Trixon Top Star set in red croco

at the METRO - Münster in February 2012

Drummer Martin Grimsel live on stage with his new Trixon Luxus set in gold croco in excellent condition and a sound blowing you from the stage! Great !

The musicians of Dirty Deeds made a great job in this concert! Many thanks! And visit their website

with a matching Bop-Snare drum and a Set of Timbales

Martin bought this set from his teacher Botho Minolts 
(Drummer of the MEDIUM TERZETT)

Left his white pearl set with two 16" floor toms. 
See the catalogue photo from "action line"


And here photos of his
14" x 6" snare drum
in white marine pearl
made between 1958 and 1964.

Many thanks to Martin Grimsel