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Remember this is the greatest market for Trixon drums and as you see below most of the drums were sold!

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Do you need parts to restore or complete your Trixon drums? Please see my offers >>>

Sometimes I have some stuff 
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Altenburger Pergament & Trommelfell GmbH (Germany)
This german manufactury is able to produce each drum head for Trixon drums 
include the speedfire bass drum head.
For details please speak with Mr. Kerbs.
Telephon: Germany 03447-314010    FAX: 03447-504196     E-mail:
Altenburger Pergament & Trommelfell GmbH (Germany)

There are several Trixon parts and sets in this shop:
Musik-Kiste - Rosenhagen 15 - 31224 Peine - Germany - 
                 Tel. 0 51 71 / 1 65 55 - Fax. 05171 / 1 27 92

There are several Trixon parts in this shop: Schlagzeugrestauration Stegner 


2012, January

Right from the attic ! 
A true original find from an old Jazz drummer. 
Be the first one to open those drums with most original heads since 1965..."

Trixon blue croco shellset with original tomholder from 1965, 
shells have real 22, 13, 16 inches. Blue croco wrap is present
 on all drums, although partly somewhat faded. Wrap on BD shell 
has some scuffs/rash on top, also on one panel of the rack tom. 
Each tom has one original usable Remo/Trixon drumhead. 
Muffler knobs on BD and floortom are broken but work, though. 
The set is functional but needs to be cleaned and inspected, 
some heads need to be replaced. If you like refurbishing and 
restoring a classical playable Trixon set in a cool and rare color, 
then this is for you - the set has not been messed around with. 
Price is 380 Euros, 
shipping is 20 Euros within Germany and 45 Euros within the EU, more elsewhere. 
If you need additional information or pics please write to

a mounted tom 
in aquamarine sparkle!



2011, December

Trixon Telstar 14/13" x 6" 
conical snare in Metallic Red Crocodille.



2011, October

A very rare 
silver croco 
Trixon bass drum 
for sale!!!

Please contact: 
Claes Hindenfelt in Sweden

2010, Dezember


2010, November

Hi, I am emailing from Birmingham AL. I have a 20" trixon bass drum. It is red sparkle. 
It has original calf heads with the front head having the trixon logo on it.
The bass drum also has a working muffeling system in it. The drum has working spurs. 
Do you jaw to network this to get it to the drummer that could this drum.
It is missing three tuning screws. Other than that is in great condition. 
I am a working drummer and I really want to get it to the right player.  Thanks.
John Nuckols

2010, October



2010, September


Telstar Set

2009, December

Trixon Blue Stripes Set



Simon is looking for 
this strainer part of a 50's Bop Snare!

Wanted: Looking for 3 Trixon badges to my set up. Age 1960-69. Can anyone help ???
Best regards LURIFAX -

2009, October

Speedfire Set in blue croco



 2007, September:

For Sale:
This nice and cool Telstar set from the early 60s

I'm asking 1950 Euros for the whole set, including the original snare stand and the Trixon key.


Tel: +31-561-618085




2006, October:
WANTED: I am looking for a trixon speed fire drum kit with five reverse toms and a lionel hampton floor tom!
Vincent Rosa

2006, September:

Metrische Felle, ca. 11/13/15 Zoll sowie Bongofelle. Schlag- und Reso-Felle, z. T. auch doppellagig.

Ausführung weiss-glatt, neu und ungespielt, z.T. mit Lagerspuren.

contact: Gerhard

2006, July:


Trixon Marimba 
of the late 50s or early 60s
This is a very rare instrument!
You will not often see a Marimba built by Trixon!

Please contact 
Steve Cortinas 
in the USA and give him an offer:

Not a Trixon but also German:

A DERI drum set! 

Offered by Michael Peters-Thöne 

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